2015 Board of Directors

Walter Turner, President

  • Professor, College of Marin; author; host of "Africa Today" weekly Pacifica radio program
  • Specialist in Human Rights in Africa, Caribbean

Dale Wannen, Treasurer
  • President, Sustainvest Asset Management LLC
  • Specializing in sustainable and responsible investing and shareholder activism
  • Instructor, Game Theory Academy

Kirsten Moller, Secretary
  • Global Exchange Co-Founder

Medea Benjamin
  • Global Exchange Co-Founder
  • CODEPINK Co-Founder

Kevin Danaher

  • Global Exchange, Co-Founder
  • Executive Director, Friends of SF Environment

Michele Frank, MD
  • Neuroscientist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Specialist in Health care and Cuba policy
  • Co-Coordinator for Global Exchange's Eco-Cuba Exchange Program
Allen Gunn
  • Aspiration Technology Executive Director
  • Organizational Development

Andrea Hightower

  • Staff Representative to the Board of Directors
Deborah James
  • Center for Economic and Policy Research, Washington, DC
  • Global Trade and Latin America Policy Campaigner

Michael O'Heaney

  • Co-Director of The Story of Stuff Project
  • Specializes in organizational development and fundraising

Pierre Labossiere
  • State of California Agricultural Inspector; Co-founder of Haiti Action Committee
  • Labor and human rights specialist