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One year ago today the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded off of the coast of Louisiana killing eleven men and igniting the largest oil disaster in U.S. history.

To mark the one-year anniversary, I released Black Tide, and joined Gulf Coast residents harmed by the disaster at BP’s annual shareholder meeting in London and at PowerShift in Washington, DC.

I have shared the statements of those who could not attend these events, including Keith Jones, whose son Gordon died aboard the Deepwater Horizon.

I appeared on Democracy Now!, BBC, NPR and other shows and have written several articles, including “Questions for BP and the oil industry, one year after Deepwater Horizon,” for the Harvard School of Journalism.

As BP spreads its wealth to the GOP, we are spreading the message that the one-year anniversary is THE moment to remind the nation and the world that the Gulf oil disaster is not over and that fundamental change is still needed to ensure such a disaster never occurs again.

Please Join Us!

Support local actions in the Gulf Coast with the Gulf Restoration Network as they Declare: “The Oil is Still Here and So Are We!”
Take Action where you live TODAY with Act Against Extraction Day of Action April 20!

I’m still on tour! Please join me at a city near you, share my events with friends, and keep spreading the word.

Thank you.

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Posted on: April 20, 2011

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4 Responses to “Take Action On One-Year Anniversary of Gulf Oil Disaster”

  • J

    We all need to do everything we can to protect the world we live in, treating the oceans as dumps and land as trash cannot continue! It is essential to demand oversight and accountability to prevent corporations from being as awful and destructive as BP and the Horizon spill, but they are not going to do so without pressure from politicians and consumers!

  • Alice Mosley

    Let’s stop feeding the Big Oil monster. Reduce your consumption of oil by NOT driving your car whenever possible. Carpool, bike, bus, train and good old Shank’s Pony (no pony at all, legs are meant).
    Build up the alternatives and set a good example!

  • Ethel Tobach

    Another example of how we give the corporations the real power…let’s make BP pay and tell Obama that there should be no drilling for oil!!! Ethel

  • Ethel Tobach

    Another example of how we give the corporations real power…let’s make BPpay and tell Obama that there should be no drilling for oil!! Ethel

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