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Join Upcoming True Cost of Chevron Teach In

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Chevronconfrontation“2010 was an outstanding year for Chevron.” With these words, CEO John Watson opens Chevron’s 2010 Annual Report. The communities who bear the costs of Chevron’s operations do not agree. On May 23, you can hear directly from community leaders who will travel from all around the world to the Bay Area to share the true cost of Chevron’s operations where they live. Find out about an upcoming Teach In and Chevron Shareholder rally.

Unique Gift Helps End Dirty Energy

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dirtyenergyMonths ago, with the holidays on the horizon, a team of us here at Global Exchange had a brainstorming session focused on our gift memberships. Our goal: figure out a way to offer new Global Exchange members this holiday season a little something extra beyond the standard membership benefits, in exchange for their support. Here’s what we came up with for those who want to help end dirty energy:

Chevron Updates from Houston

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chevron updatesShareholders and shareholder representatives from around the globe holding legal proxies were refused entry to Chevron’s annual meeting on Wednesday. Five members of The True Cost of Chevron Network were subsequently arrested at the oil giants direction, including GX’s own Antonia Juhasz, Director of our Chevron Program. Protestors and press gathered outside the meeting as »

New Report Reveals Truth Behind Chevron

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truecostofchevronAs public outrage at the oil industry intensifies and questions on how to reign in the industry abound, an unprecedented global coalition of communities harmed by — and fighting back against — the industry present both a groundbreaking report, The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report and a landmark organizing model for taking »

Welcome to the Global Exchange Chevron Program Blog!

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grpphotochevronprotestA big heartfelt welcome to you! Thanks for finding your way to this blog. Chevron is one of the world’s most powerful corporations, it is also the target of one of the most organized resistance movements in the world. Global Exchange is a proud member of this movement. By expanding, strengthening, and highlighting this movement,