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New Report Reveals Dirty Truth Behind Chevron

Posted by Antonia Juhasz in Big Oil, Chevron Actions, Featured, True Cost of Chevron Network on 24th May, 2011 | No Comments

ChevronAltReportFINAL_01_1lowresIt’s finally here; the True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report! Find out why this report is so timely, and where to get your copy today.

Join the Chevron Shareholder Meeting Protest May 25

Posted by Tex Dworkin in Big Oil, Chevron Actions, Featured, True Cost of Chevron Network on 23rd May, 2011 | No Comments

Protesting Chevron Shareholder Meeting 2010 Photo Credit: The Campaign for Justice in EcuadoOn May 25th, two days after an illuminating and informative True Cost of Chevron Teach-in, people will travel from around the world to descend on San Ramon, CA to confront Chevron at its annual shareholder meeting. They will all have two things in common: they all come from communities that have suffered the dire impacts of Chevron’s reckless pursuit of profits, and they’re all fighting back. You’re welcomed to join this colorful and fun rally outside Chevron’s headquarters in support of human rights, environmental, economic and climate justice, and more.

Chevron Denies Access to Shareholder Representatives

Posted by Tex Dworkin in Chevron Actions on 26th May, 2010 | No Comments

chevron 2Today Chevron denied access to shareholder representatives in what appears to be a bid to silence truth about its human rights and environmental abuses. Here’s a timeline of activities leading up to today’s injustices: May 19th, 2010: an unprecedented global network of Chevron-affected communities released the True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Report to expose »