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First Visit in Swaziland-Tintsaba

9th June, 2008 - Posted by Zarah Patriana - No Comments

Since 1985, Tintsaba Crafts has run a rural development project in the Northern Hhohho region of Swaziland to produce and market quality crafts. The primary material used is the sisal weed found in the outlying hills and woven very finely, then dyed with German eco-friendly dyes, thereby making Tintsaba’s products 100% sustainable.

Tintsaba provides income to over 600 Swazi women. Tintsaba is not only committed to economic empowerment, but also to the health and education of their crafters children. The crafters are divided into several different groups according to the village they live in. Each group has a group leader, a trainer and a HIV educator. Swaziland now has the highest HIV rate in the world with around 40% of it’s citizens HIV positive.

Check out our kyte channel below and see photos of the crafters…

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