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National Day of Action – Ask Hershey to go Fair Trade!

10th June, 2010 - Posted by Zarah Patriana - 5 Comments

Adrienne, GX Fair Trade Campaign Director (left) and Kirsten Moller (right), Global Exchange Executive Director, want Fair Trade Certified now!

Join Global Exchange and organizations around the country today to help get Hershey’s to go Fair Trade in honor of World Day Against Child Labor!


1-800-468-1714, Dial “0″

You may need to push Zero three times to get to an operator. Press 2 if you do not want to participate in survey. Back-up number is 717-534-4200.


“Hi, my name is ___ and I’m calling from ___ (city/state).  I am a huge fan of [insert your favorite HERSHEY candy here].  This Saturday is World Day Against Child Labor.  I am calling today in recognition of this event, asking Hershey’s to be a leader in ending the problem of child labor on cocoa farms by purchasing Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa for your candy bars.  With a label from an independent third party certifier, consumers have a way of knowing that Hershey is working to respect farmers and the environment, and end abusive child labor in the cocoa industry.  Fair Trade is the only label that gives farmers a fair price for their cocoa beans so they can support their families and escape poverty.

I also want to know that all the workers who had a hand in making my chocolate – from bean to bar – were treated fairly.  Will Hershey take this opportunity to be more transparent about your supply chain and do more to protect the rights of workers in the fields?

Thank you for your time!”

With your help we can put pressure on Hershey’s to stop abusive child labor and environmental degradation, and help lift thousands of cocoa producers out of poverty. Call and be heard today!

For more information about Fair Trade chocolate, please visit

For responses to Hershey’s arguments, visit:

5 Responses to “National Day of Action – Ask Hershey to go Fair Trade!”

  • Mary Claire Schmit

    I urge you to go fair trade. There are numerous people in the world who are not fairly profiting from the goods they sell and as a result, they suffer. Please do your part!

  • (Mr) Vecihi Acun, CE MSc

    Dear Global Exchange,
    Although I am not much familiar with Hershey products, I am thankful for and heartily supporting your campaign in honor of World Day Against Child Labor, all the way from Turkey.
    Peoples are suffering such child abuses in our region as well; not only in Turkey but also in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in many other countries..
    The super power USA must lead the way for global peace and prosperity.
    Our motto here is “peace at home, peace in the World”, as defined by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey.
    I wish you all the best,

    • Hi Vecihi,
      Good to hear from you all the way from Turkey. Thanks so much for your support for Fair Trade and for taking part in the World Day Against Child Labor.

  • Steve D


    Is there a email address? Also, what’s up with the reference to factory workers? A lot are unionized and they make more than I do per hour, plus better benefits.




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