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WEBINAR: Fair for Life Certification

8th November, 2010 - Posted by Tex Dworkin - 4 Comments

As a member of the Fair Trade Resource Network Board of Directors, I’m excited to announce the upcoming webinar in FTRN’s four part webinar series on Fair Trade Certifications. This webinar is the second of the series and will cover “Fair for Life” Certification illustrated by following the supply chain from producers to final seller.

Date: November 12
Time: 1:00-2:30pm EST
Investment: just $5!
Details: IMO “Fair for Life” U.S. Director, Kerry Hughes, and Deputy Manager IMO Social & Fairtrade Certification, Florentine Meinshausen, present:
•    Overview of Fair for Life system
•    Mechanics of activities for producers and others in supply chain
•    Use of label and chain of custody requirements, and more

To register and for more info:

The four part webinar series runs from Oct-Dec 2010 and consists of 4 separate webinars each covering different aspects of the two prominent certifications in Fair Trade. All webinars are designed for beginner to intermediate level, and are structured to allow over half the time for participants to ask questions to the certification experts.

This webinar is coming up fast so register today to secure your spot. Oh, and come with your questions ready. Yours truly will be helping Executive Director Jeff Goldman to make sure your questions get answered.

Hope to “see” you there!

4 Responses to “WEBINAR: Fair for Life Certification”

  • Steve D

    Why aren’t these free? Certifiers get revenue from companies with their certifications. They should fund these from their revenue, not charge people to hear presentations that aren’t objective. The certification docs are all available for free – just download and read them.

    • Hey Steve,
      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Here’s a bit of background about the decision to charge for the webinars: following the Fair Trade Futures conference that happened this fall in Boston, the FTRN board met and agreed that there was a lot of interest in and enthusiasm surrounding the need to explore Fair Trade Certifications more thoroughly. FTRN agreed to step up and lead this effort by organizing the webinars. FTRN is a small, non-profit organization with very limited capacity. Our aim to educate people about Fair Trade. In order to assume the leadership role in this, while at least covering the costs for staff time (mostly the Executive Director) we decided to charge a very small fee.

      Truth be told, FTRN will most likely not profit from any of these webinars, but rather hopefully just recoup the costs of staff time and the webinar platform fees but not much else.

      With these webinars, FTRN aims to provide equal opportunity to each certification group to share with those interested information about their certification.

      Of course there is plenty of free information available about certifications, and we encourage folks to educate themselves as much as they want to.

      The webinars are an opportunity for those who want to hear firsthand from the certifiers, plus webinar attendees can get their specific questions answered during the webinar.

      All webinars will be available for free to everyone after one month, for those who do not wish to pay the $5.

      It is not out of the realm of possibility, based on how these first 4 webinars go, that a different pay model may happen in the future. So it’s possible that down the road, we may look into asking those featured in the webinars to pay a fee. Can’t say for sure, but it’s a possibility.

      I hope this helps clarify how the decision to charge for each webinar was made. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts!

      • Steve D

        Thanks for the reply. I was intending to state that the certifiers should cover the cost since they get funds from certification and licensing, and it is at least part of FairTradeUSA’s mandate to use such funds for educational purposes like this. Thanks to FTRN for offering its resources and for advising that archived sessions will be available.

  • FTRN hopes Fair Trade advocates can learn about IMO Fair for Life, ask probing questions, and help the movement navigate the complex issues around certification. We were delighted that 65 people participated on the first webinar! Feel encouraged to listen to the recording as well, available at our online store!

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