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Fair Trade Roundup: Fair Trade Schools Launch in the US

26th February, 2014 - Posted by Tex Dworkin - 1 Comment

Hi Fair Trade Friends!

Per usual, there’s lots of Fair Trade related news to share with you. (Did you know that Fairtrade sales in the U.K. rose 14% last year? According to the BBC article below, it’s true!)

In addition to the list of Fair Trade related articles worth checking out, this Fair Trade Roundup includes updates about a new Fair Trade Schools Campaign and the Bags Across Borders project of Handmade Expressions and Global Exchange.

Roundup Sections:

  1. Featured Fair Trade Update: Fair Trade Schools Launch in the United States
  2. Global Exchange Update: Global Exchange and Handmade Expressions Team Up for ‘Bags Across Borders’
  3. Compilation of Fair Trade News to Peruse

Fair-Trade-Schools 1) FEATURED FAIR TRADE UPDATE: Fair Trade Schools Campaign Launches in the United States

Fair Trade Campaigns, a  national network of Fair Trade advocates, recently launched the Fair Trade Schools Campaign, a new initiative to help K –12 schools commit to ethical purchasing.

Here’s more about it from the Feb. 4, 2014 Fair Trade Campaigns press release:

Mirroring a growing demand for Fair Trade products, Fair Trade Schools will empower students, teachers and staff to drive demand for ethical consumption from the next generation. The campaign launches on February 4th with 15 active campaigns in schools around the country.

Fair Trade Schools will officially recognize K-12 institutions committed to educating students about Fair Trade, an economic system that ensures consumers the products they buy were grown, harvested, crafted and traded in ways that improve lives and protect the environment. This can be done through events, as well as sourcing Fair Trade products like coffee, tea and bananas in the cafeteria, offices and other school outlets.

Visit Fair Trade Schools online to learn more. Contact Courtney Lang with questions.

Bags Across Borders2) GLOBAL EXCHANGE FAIR TRADE UPDATE: Global Exchange and Handmade Expressions Team Up for ‘Bags Across Borders’

Have you heard about the Global Exchange/Handmade Expressions Bags Across Borders joint project? For those who haven’t, Global Exchange is heading to northwest India to meet face-to-face with the talented artisans who make our Fair Trade Eco-Shopper tote bags, and we want to share the support and messages from Eco-Shopper bag owners with them.

So we put the call out for bag owners to join in our #BagsAcrossBorders exchange by sending us their answer to the question, “What do YOU love about the Fair Trade Eco-Shopper?” so we can share them with the bag makers, and boy did they deliver!

We received so many great quotes and photos (check out this great pic spotted on Twitter!) and next month they’ll be shared with the bag makers who work with our long-time Fair Trade partner, Handmade Expressions. In return we’ll ask for their stories as a Fair Trade artisan and their connection to bag buyers.

Once we return from India, you’ll be able to enjoy the collected artisan and member stories and photos right here on our Fair Trade blog and on Facebook

For now, here’s one of the many quotes we received:

“the fact that this form of trading benefits the maker and those involve(d) in the entire process is a very comforting feeling. knowing that I can purchase something and there is no exploitation is the best feeling in the world. I have always been of the idea that we should directly buy from those making the goods. beautiful work.” ~tomas c south ozone, NY

Follow along on Twitter for updates about #BagsAcrossBorders.



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One Response to “Fair Trade Roundup: Fair Trade Schools Launch in the US”

  • I think teaching school kids about Fairtrade is a really important and useful thing to be doing.
    BUT, and for me it’s a big but, are the same school kids also being made aware of the different arguments that are made suggesting that Fairtrade, whilst admirable in it self, is not a cure-all and has certain drawbacks.

    While I think the principal of Fairtrade is a good one it seems to me that the pitfalls are enormous.

    Personally I’m glad to be able to do something to help by buying Fairtrade products, but I’d like it if I could be more confident that what I’m doing is actually helping the people who need it most to improve their lives.

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