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Return from India #BagsAcrossBorders

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Bags Across BordersOur long-time Fair Trade partner, Handmade Expressions invited Global Exchange to northwest India to meet with a community of artisans who specialize in traditional wood block-printing and the production of our Fair Trade Eco-Shopper bags. Here’s our story!

People-to-People Ties Through Fair Trade

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Bags Across BordersKara, our Fair Trade Store manager is in India meeting with those artisans hearing their stories, learning about their hand-block printing techniques, and sharing the photos and messages that were collected, thus bringing to life the connection between artisan and conscious consumer.

Join #BagsAcrossBorders to Connect With Fair Trade Artisans

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Eco-Shopper-Tote-bagCheck out some of the #BagsAcrossBorders submissions, plus find out how you can join in on the fun before it’s too late!

Fair Trade Successes in Rural India: From Cycles of Drought to Cycles of Reuse

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PRODUCER 1The traditional block-print fabric bags the artisans in Barmer began to produce for Handmade Expressions quickly became one of their best-selling items. However, hand block-printing requires an immense volume of water to dye and print the fabric. This issue of resource management in the face of environmental and economic adversity is one that many underprivileged communities faceā€”use water to support an income generating project at the expense of other survival needs, or suffer economic hardship?

Fair Trade Artisan Organizer Visits San Francisco Store

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The Global Exchange Fair Trade store in San Francisco loved hosting Lata ji from SURE, Alison from Handmade Expression, and Courtney from Fair Trade Towns!When Lata Kachhawan first went to visit the communities in rural Rajasthan, she had to walk or go by camel. There were no roads, no electricity, just miles of sand dunes to walk over. And when she finally got to the village, the few women she saw walking to the well ran away from her, scared about what an outsider might be doing there. Over twenty years later, things have changed a lot–find out how Fair Trade has been an important part of that transformation.

I Used to be Plastic. Now I’m a Beautiful Fair Trade Product!

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ecoresin ringUpcycling is a great way to convert waste materials into useful products of high quality, keeping plastic and other materials that are non-biodegradable out of landfills. Stop by the Global Exchange Fair Trade Store in San Francisco and check out our new upcycled products, from plastic jewelry to clutches made out of cassette tapes!