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BikeIt! from Lansing to Detroit

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BikeTentCityMonday, hundreds of cyclists converged in Detroit, the final destination of their respective rides from locations across the country with a united vision that “Another World is Possible,” of a greener, (bike friendly!), and more just society. People chose bicycles as their form of transportation to the forum for a variety of reasons; as a demonstration against dirty fuel, as a symbol of unity, purely out of the love of cycling, or perhaps as a personal challenge of endurance.

VIDEO: Hummer Gets Final Burial

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hummerOn Monday June 21 members of CODE PINK: Women for Peace buried a Hummer on this wildly artistic street, the Heidelberg Project, that is a symbol of hope and revitalization in a city devastated by economic downturn. Check out pictures and video from the event.

Help Re-Claim Freedom to Travel to Cuba

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VenceremosBrigadeWondering where things stand with the Cuba travel ban and how you can make your voice heard? Pam Montanaro, Coordinator of Global Exchange’s Eco Cuba Exchange, with the support of Leslie Balog and Drea Hightower of Global Exchange’s Cuba Reality Tours, have summed it up for you:

Those Urban Fish

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tilapiaThis is the third in a series of posts by Executive Director, Kirsten Moller as she pedals her way to the US Social Forum. Read on as she shares her journey from Upstate NY to Detroit and the lessons learned along the way.