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Another World is Possible, The Power is in Our Hands

Posted by in Global Exchange News & Events, World News & Events on 2nd July, 2010 | No Comments

DSC_0722After a political let down in Copenhagen back in December, activists around the world have been mobilizing into action, understanding that we don’t have the time to wait for our leaders to make the changes we need to see in national legislation, in global treaties or agreements. People are sick of waiting for change, so they’re taking it into their own hands on the local level.

A Big Win for Travel to Cuba: Update

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CubanSchoolChildren_bannerIt’s not every day that we get to write you about a historic legislative victory for a more humane, sensible, and just U.S. policy towards Cuba; but today isn’t just any old day. In a thrilling “mark-up” session Wednesday in the House Committee on Agriculture, H.R. 4645, the “Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act” was passed by 25 votes to 20, putting us one step closer to ending the travel ban this year, in this Congress.