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Victory: Chevron Announces Plans to Withdraw from Coal Operations By Year’s End!

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chevron_ad_wyomingIn the world of organizing against Big Oil, victories often seem far too rare. Thus, when they do occur, we must mark them, celebrate them, and ensure that they stick.

Report from the Frontlines in Egypt

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IMG_0392Global Exchange stands in solidarity with the people of Egypt. Medea shares her firsthand accounts of the escalating situation, plus find out how to show your support for the people of Egypt.

Who’s Supreme Court? Challenging Unjust Law and Corporate Power

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Weurker voteIf the Supreme Court had never granted “personhood” rights to corporations, would they still be trammeling the rights of citizens and riding roughshod over communities and nature? Would we have democracy? By deciding 5-4 in the Citizens United case, the US Supreme Court expanded corporations’ ability to spend money to influence our elections, and reignited the controversy over corporate personhood. A bevy of campaigns have emerged to challenge it, through litigation or via a Constitutional amendment. Abolishing corporate personhood is necessary, but our entire system of law is engineered to keep decision making out of the hands of the people.

Egypt: This is What a Revolution Looks Like

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IMG_0352Medea Bejamin, Co-founder of CODEPINK and Global Exchange, shares photos and reports back from Egypt.