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FROM THE GROUND UP: The Story Behind the Green Economy Leadership Training

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Green Economy Leadership TrainingIn 2 weeks, the Global Exchange Michigan team will embark on our second Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT) program. GELT is a 9 week training program that brings together residents from the community of Detroit & Highland Park together with youth from communities throughout Michigan and the U.S. for technical trainings in the green economy and community organizing.

We’re Taking On Chevron: Will You Join Us?

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ChevronconfrontationWhile Chevron touts its “Human Energy” PR message of corporate social responsibility, communities directly affected by the company’s operations worldwide bear witness to the social and environmental costs that go unmentioned by Chevron. The True Cost of Chevron Network will be gathering in California May 25th to confront Chevron at their annual shareholder meeting to expose the truth. Will you join us?