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Call to Action for 10 Year Anniversary of Invasion of Afghanistan

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pledge-001It’s been 10 years since the invasion of Afghanistan, an important time for us to take stock and get active. The war and neoliberal economic pressures have destroyed our foreign policy credibility and weakened our domestic budget. Now we are feeling the effects of this, so now is the time to join together and take action.Here are details about an urgent call to action happening next week.

Next Tar Sands Action Just Announced

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Photo Credit: Tar Sands Action (video still)On Sunday November 6 the Tar Sands Action will return to Washington DC to send an unmistakable message to the President. Find out more about the upcoming action & how you can get involved.

Iraq: 100 Days of Solidarity

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MediaThis week marks the beginning of what is supposed to be the final 100 days of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. But if U.S. troops are to leave Iraq at the end of this year as promised – repeatedly – it will take grassroots pressure to counter the growing “occupy-Iraq-forever” chorus in Washington.