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Our Rising Voices are Being Heard

17th November, 2011 - Posted by Carleen Pickard - 2 Comments

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Our rising voices are being heard!
The Mass Day of Action called this week from #OWS is happening, thousands are on the streets today to say enough is enough!

Our rising voices are being heard! 
The action comes as we pass the two month mark since #OWS began and just days after NY Mayor Bloomberg ordered a raid on Zuccotti Park and barred the 99% from returning and re-establishing the camp.

Our rising voices are being heard! 
The action comes just days after teachers and students protested in California. On Tuesday, 5,000 students attended the General Assembly at the UC Berkeley campus to establish #OccupyCal. On Wednesday, teachers and teachers’ aides took a strike vote, and today, students protested outside the Cal State University Trustees offices in Long Beach as Trustees voted to raise tuition by 9%.

Our rising voices are being heard! 
These actions come just a week after a major victory for people and the planet! On November 10, the Obama administration announced it will delay approval of what Bill McKibben has famously called the ‘poster child’ for the Occupy movement – the Keystone XL pipeline. Obama has postponed any decision until 2013 due to concerns about the proposed routing through Nebraska and the Ogallala Aquifer. This, after 12,000 people surrounded the White House at a mass day of action, is a step in the right direction to cancel the project entirely.

Our rising voices are being heard! 
If riot police spend their days evicting occupy sites, we will return and we will continue to grow. Today’s Mass Day of Action is one of many. This week’s remarkable action by students in Berkeley is one of many. Our victory to stop Keystone XL will be one of many. As it has been said, you cannot evict an idea whose time has come.

In two months we have changed the national conversation. From headlines in newspapers to conversations at our local coffee shops, people are now speaking of righting the inequality that exists and creating a just, safe and resilient future.

We have the attention of the 1% and as former US Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich declared at the UC Berkeley, “Moral outrage is the beginning. The days of apathy are over, folks. And once it has begun it cannot be stopped and it will not be stopped.”

Stand in solidarity with the 99% movement. Get your I AM 99% stickers.

2 Responses to “Our Rising Voices are Being Heard”

  • The self-procl­aimed masters of the universe among us may be a lot things, but “clueless” or else “disconnec­ted” is not, definitely not an accurate way of describing them. Their overly educated sycophants and absurdly enriched minions present this BS about them as if it represente­d something factual. It is a ruse. These masters of the universe know what is going on. After all, they are ruling the world in our time. They happen to be the best people I know at ‘playing stupid’. As a group, these so-called captains of finance can better be defined by their malignant narcissism­, pathologic­al arrogance, risk-takin­g addiction, extreme foolhardin­ess and outrageous greedmonge­ring activities­.

    Steven Earl Salmony

    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population­, est. 2001, Chapel Hill, NC


  • Thanks Steven for your comments!

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