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Kevin Has Left the Building, Help Us Wish Him Well

6th February, 2012 - Posted by Tex Dworkin - 4 Comments

Update 3/1/2012: Thanks to those of you who submitted messages for Kevin. They were all included in the printed out card/booklet that we presented to Kevin (including your blog post comments). Kevin seemed sincerely touched by the sentiments. Read Kevin Gets a Valentine to see how the delivery went. Fyi, we are no longer printing out messages from his online card. Thanks!

After 23 years at Global Exchange, our co-founder Kevin Danaher has taken on a new role as the Outreach and Communications Program Manager with the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

We have an online card set up for Kevin on our website, which you can get to by click here, so folks who want to wish him well can add their name and personalized message easily. We will be collecting all of the messages into one place and presenting them to Kevin in a few weeks. We’ll be sure to share his reaction right here on our People to People blog.

Help us wish Kevin well and thank him for his years of leadership with Global Exchange as he blazes new trails! Sign Kevin’s card and leave a note for him by clicking right  here on our website.

4 Responses to “Kevin Has Left the Building, Help Us Wish Him Well”

  • rick

    Thank you for helping to create such a dynamic organization. As those who are not busy being born are busy dying, I hope your new venture brings personal fulfillment and social progress.

    All the best to you,


  • Blaine Clarke

    Kevin, you’re an inspiration! Thanks for all your hard work, guidance and mad/genius ideas! GX won’t be the same without you. Best of luck in your new role! – Blaine

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  • Maureen

    Hey Unk,
    WOW – what a ride! Did you ever think 23 years ago that the idea the 3 of you had would’ve developed into the enterprise it is today?
    You know I love you and wish you all the luck in every aspect of your life. I’m sure that Mom, Nanny and Poppy are very proud of the man you became – I know I am.
    My love to all the girls!
    Miss you! And before you leave the bldg – LAST TAG!
    Happy Valentine’s Day! <3<3<3

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