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Join the 99% in Making History This Spring

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99springAll over America, the 99% movement is getting ready for 60 days of protests, sit-ins, rallies, marches, and more this spring—all aimed and confronting the power, greed, and influence of the 1%.

Enlisting Michelle Obama—and the American Public—to Stop War on Iran

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We Love Iran womenAnother cross-border phenomenon erupted recently on Facebook when Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edri posted a photo of himself with his daughter and the message “Iranians We Love You. We will never bomb your country.” Edri and his partner Michal Tamir invited others to make similar images, and were soon flooded with responses by Israelis posting their photos with heartfelt messages. Within 48 hours, Iranians responded with similar expressions of love for Israelis, highlighting images of Jewish historic landmarks in Iran and Iranians who saved Jews during the Holocaust.