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Javier Sicilia Receives Honor from California State Senate

16th May, 2012 - Posted by Carleen Pickard - No Comments

Javier Sicila and Mexico Program Director Ted Lewis in front of the CA state capital.

As the California state Senate opened on Monday May 14, Senators Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) and Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) welcomed Javier Sicilia to the capital in Sacramento and recognized Javier’s work in a State Resolution. The Resolution states:

“[T]herefore, be it resolved by Senator Y. Yee, Ph.D., and Senator Kevin de León, that they take great pleasure in meeting Javier Sicilia upon his visit to California, commend him on his illustrious record of accomplishments and extend best wishes for every success in the future.”

Javier addressed the Senate and asked Mexico Program Director Ted Lewis to read his statement:

“Good Day. I appreciate the recognition of the Senate and am thankful to Senators Leland Yee and Kevin de León for their support. But I wish I were not here.

Nothing can bring back my son or staunch the grief of those who have loved the more than 60,000 murdered and 20,000 disappeared in six years of violence in my country. No one can return a parent to more than eight-thousand orphans. Nevertheless, thank you for helping shine a light on the atrocious violence that is killing our youth, tearing our society apart, and devouring our already weak and corrupted institutions.

You, our powerful neighbor, consume tens of billions in illegal drugs every years even while spending other billions on a drug prohibition regime that criminalizes millions in your country and leaves tens of thousand of dead in ours. And so many of the dead are killed by guns smuggled into our country by the tens of thousands after being “legally purchased” at guns stores and shows.

This summer a Caravan from San Diego to Washington DC will pierce the silence that allows this horror to continue. We invite you and all people of good conscience to join and support us. No one else should lose a child, parent, sister, or brother to this senseless violence. Thank you.”

Javier then requested a moment of silence in recognition of the tens of thousands of victims and their families in Mexico.

CA Governor Jerry Brown met with Javier Sicilia.

Governor Jerry Brown also met with Javier before the event at the Senate and asked questions related to the discovery of 49 headless bodies near the northern industrial city of Monterrey, Mexico and listened intently to the demands of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity – the movement of victims families.

The Caravan, to be led by victims of Mexico’s atrocious war and their partners in pain north of the border will cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego on August 12 and arrive in Washington DC in early September.

The Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity invites North Americans from all backgrounds, walks of life, and a rainbow of communities to join them their cross-country cry for peace, justice and dignity.

This initiative seeks to promote dialogue with American civil society and its government regarding: the need to stop gun trafficking; the need to debate alternatives to drug prohibition; the need for better tools to combat money laundering; and the need to promote bilateral cooperation in human rights and human security in two priority areas: promotion of civil society and safety, as well as protection and safety for migrants.

Please join part or all of this caravan if you can. Meet us along the route. And even if you can’t go on the road you can support Global Exchange to make the caravan a success.

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