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Occupy: 99 Reasons to Get $$ Out of Politics

17th September, 2012 - Posted by Hillary V Lehr - 2 Comments

Today is a significant day indeed.

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On the one year anniversary of Occupy, activists dropped 99 banners listing why campaign finance reform is essential for democracy.

We couldn’t agree more.

Neither could the 18 million Americans suffering foreclosures and skyrocketing student debt and inequality. Thousands have filled downtown NYC and Wall Street, and thousands more are expected to march tonight in San Francisco. Join Global Exchange and other allied organizations as we march on the streets of San Francisco to mark this one year anniversary of the Occupy movement. 

Thought Occupy was ‘over?’ Hear author Rebecca Solnit‘s take on Occupy’s one year.

Occupy gathering across from Liberty Plaza, Sep. 16, 2012

Today also marks the election’s 50 day final stretch, and with 2012 set to become the most expensive election in history, more than ever it is clear that we need to get money out of politics!

Here’s a  slideshow of the banners displayed by the Occupy Democracy Coalition, featured in today’s Democracy Now! segment.

Stay tuned for exciting live updates from coast-to-coast events marking Occupy’s one year anniversary.

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