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Jobs Not Wars! Pressure Now Can Make a Difference

16th January, 2013 - Posted by Admin - 1 Comment

jobsnotwarpaycheckj1The budget agreement recently passed by Congress and signed by the President makes it more imperative than ever that we focus attention on the wars and the wasted billions going to the Pentagon.

Global Exchange has joined War Times and hundreds of other organizations in endorsing the recently launched Jobs Not Wars petition campaign. If you have not already done so, we urge you to sign the petition and forward to your friends and colleagues.

Sign the Jobs Not Wars Petition!

On Election Day, the American people voted and made their voices heard.

We rejected deficit reduction at the expense of working & middle class Americans, the poor & elderly. We rejected more tax breaks for large corporations and the wealthy. Corporations and the wealthy have “raked in” all the benefits while everyone else has suffered economic loss.

One of the best ways to reduce the deficit is to put people back to work – it’s time to invest in our people and our communities.

Congress and President Obama must do the will of the people, including:

  • End the War in Afghanistan now, bring all our troops home and care for them when they return
  • Create jobs – invest in our communities and our people to grow the economy and put people back to work;
  • The wealthiest citizens and corporations must pay their fair share
  • Focus on negotiation and determined diplomacy rather than military power
  • We must invest in America’s future, create jobs and grow the economy.

Our priorities are clear: Jobs & Economic Growth, End the war in Afghanistan now, and substantial cuts to runaway Pentagon spending.

SEND THIS MESSAGE TO THE CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT by signing the Jobs Not Wars Petition. Keep the pressure on – remind Congress and President Obama that they work for the American people.

One Response to “Jobs Not Wars! Pressure Now Can Make a Difference”

  • john

    Jobs not wars what a wonderful dream, this will not happen. The greater portion of people in this world are brainwashed by religions, governments, the media and many other methods.

    God gave us free will but how can we exercise this when laws are created to bind us.

    The dream of having a world, free of pain, wars ill health is a dream.

    governments of the world are only interested in their own power, why you have a world overpopulated and not enough food to go round.

    Those who rule this world determine what goes on they create wars set nation against nation and send people to their deaths, they do not care after all what are we to them just cannon fodder.

    the only way we can change things is to wake up and realize that these evil creatures must be removed but how do you remove them they own just about everything on this world and every time the economy falls they are responsible because what they are doing is taking more and more of what belongs to you. They want everything and to own and control your soul.

    A lot of trouble it the world to day is being caused by this group, there about 1000 who rule this world.

    How will you set your selves free, you never will unless you wake up but this is not going to happen. If people refused to go in the army or the air force or any other mob which promotes death and misery of humanity and said enough is enough I doubt it will happen in this age people are very much brainwashed.

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