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Photo shared under Creative Commons license.

Photo shared under Creative Commons license.

If you have been following the news lately you’ve seen that musicians Beyonce and Jay-Z created a media storm by recently participating in a People-to-People cultural exchange in Cuba. The couple has faced criticism from Miami lawmakers who first questioned the legality of the trip, and then after confirming the legal status of the exchange have continued to criticize the nature and “validity” of People-to-People programs in general.

It’s time for us, the people, to say “No More!” to media distortion and lies about Cuba, and to continue demanding saner U.S. policy towards the island. We can’t allow a vocal minority of congress people to continue to sway the national dialogue about Cuba–they harbor hardline views that are not shared by the majority of their fellow Cuban Americans or Americans of any background.

So join us in first thanking Beyonce and Jay-Z for engaging with Cuba and its peoples, and help us urge them to tell President Obama to:

Together we can work to end outdated tactics to create more sane and just policy.

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  • Havana SKY Fahima Seck Havana Cuba (c)7/06/12

    It was not what I had anticipated
    Telltale of Orisha in plain sight
    Reverenced and reverend
    in institutions of high learning
    museums, art galleries, universities

    Casa de Don Fernando Ortiz
    The sacred is not secret
    when there is no shame in having an African God
    or Goddess who manifest the same temperament
    of our ancestors in characteristics of our children
    yet to be born

    Havana Sky

    Frozen in time without the constraints of a timeline
    Yet, keepers of the history
    Good or bad — triumphant or sad

    Havana Sky

    Today we drink Cuba Libre at the Havana Club
    But first, ahora — we must pour libations
    for the grandmothers not here
    and the many campaneros not here
    under the Havana Sky

  • I wrote the poem Havana Sky last summer after visiting Cuba.

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