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Time to Stop the TPP in its Tracks

21st November, 2013 - Posted by Carleen Pickard - 2 Comments

TPPgroupOver the past week, there has been a massive positive shift in the conversation around the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a secretive trade deal involving 12 countries across the globe with the potential to become the largest Free Trade Agreement in history, with profound negative consequences for social, environmental, and economic justice, as well as basic human rights throughout the world.

Your voice has been heard! 174 House Representatives have committed to vote no on Fast Track. Fast Track would limit Congress’ right to review, amend and debate the TPP, when U.S. elected officials should be scrutinizing every one of its provisions. Bipartisan support is rare in Washington these days, and it’s inspiring to see both sides of the aisle united in opposition to the TPP.

This all happened in the midst of WikiLeaks (founded by Global Exchange 2013 People’s Choice Honoree Julian Assange) revealing the Intellectual Property chapter of the TPP to the world. For a deeper analysis, check out Public Citizen.

These breakthroughs on the TPP are due in no small part to the massive outpouring of public opposition. Our message is getting through, but it’s not time for the victory party just yet – U.S. trade negotiators are doing everything in their power to ram this disastrous trade deal through.

We can’t let that happen.


  • Contact your Congressperson and tell them you want a FAIR trade agreement that recognizes social, environmental and economic justice, as well as basic human rights throughout the world. Say NO to Fast Track.
  • Already contacted your Congressperson? Urge your friends to reach out to theirs. Reach out to them via Facebook and Twitter.

2 Responses to “Time to Stop the TPP in its Tracks”

  • Tina

    Free Trade is NOT Fair Trade. The TPP must be stopped. We cannot keep ignoring the environmental, social, and human impact these “Free Trade” agreements are having. They create unrest and violence.

    Wake up! and Say NO to Fast Track.

    We must learn to act with integrity on the international stage.

  • Ruthie Sakheim

    “Free trade” is NOT Fair Trade. Stop the TPP: we can’t afford the environmental devastation, economic injustice and increased inequality of wealth. We cannot design our world this way: we need a moral stance; ceasing exploitation of human beings and resources.

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