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Planting Seeds with Vandana Shiva & Prince Charles: Reality Tour to India’s Earth University

Posted by in Building Positive Alternatives, Community Rights, Featured, Global Exchange Community, People Power, Not Corporate Power, Reality Tours on 11th December, 2013 | 3 Comments

Prince Charles VandanaOver a billion people live in India. High levels of poverty and pollution met our Reality Tour in the cities, just as environmental degradation could be spied throughout the countryside. Yet India is equally a land of peaceful, transformative revolution and a cultural and spiritual legacy of dignity for people and sacred respect for the Earth. Along with spending time with world renowned Vandana Shiva, it is this dichotomy that we are here to explore in the age of climate chaos, corporate globalization and its quest for endless growth on a finite planet. Rights of Nature, which, as put forward in the Constitutions of Ecuador, Bolivia and New Zealand, and a growing number of U.S. communities—defines legal rights for ecosystems to “exist, flourish, and regenerate their natural capacities.” What is the promise of Rights of Nature in a place like this?