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Author's Spotlight: Derek Poppert


Derek Poppert

Derek Poppert is Director of Latin America Reality Tours and Communications Coordinator at Global Exchange. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Europe, spending time in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, and the majority of Western Europe. He found a particular love for the country and people of Brazil, and lived in Rio de Janeiro for a period of time during 2013. In the spring/summer of 2014, Derek spearheaded an effort to shine a spotlight on the social and economic issues related to the World Cup and Olympics in Brazil, writing a multi-part article series titled “Re-Think the World Cup” and beginning a petition to reform FIFA, the world governing body of international soccer. He was featured on sports journalist Dave Zirin’s nationally broadcast XM radio program, as well as participated in a sit-down TV interview with Dennis Trainor Jr. Prior to joining Global Exchange, Derek played professional baseball in the Seattle Mariners minor league system. He walked away from his professional baseball career in order to travel and pursue a career in international affairs. Derek has a B.A. in International Studies from the University of San Francisco with a double minor in Latin American Studies and Psychology, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

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