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10 Reasons Why Americans Opposed, and Averted, a US War on Syria

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Take-ActionHere’s one activist’s take on why Americans opposed even a “limited” US strike on Syria.

Thinking Beyond the Clown

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Photo Credit Civil EatsMarketing directed towards kids can have a harmful impact. Case in point: Ronald McDonald.

Anti-Drone Protestors Refuse Fines, Offer to Go to Prison; Judge Relents

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David Hartsough (middle) with wife Jan Hartsough (right) and Carleen Pickard (left) at Global Exchange's 2013 Human Rights AwardsDavid Hartsough was arrested for his nonviolent protest against drones along with eight others blocking two entrances at Beale Air Force Base where they closed the main entrance for over three hours. Here’s what David wrote to read at his sentencing, which was earlier today.

There Is No Planet B: Update on Rights of Nature at the United Nations

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earth--there is no planet bThe goal of the UN’s new “high-level political forum” (HLPF) is to keep “sustainable development” high on national agendas. But is “sustainable development” our end goal — and by whose definition? We cannot separate what we do to the Earth from what we do to ourselves. Yet, every element of our current, neoliberal economic system is intertwined with the idea that the natural world is property. We trivialize the fullness of life and diversity of natural world by labeling its elements “resources,” We must change this in our communities and through institutions like the United Nations.

Bradley Manning Acquitted of “Aiding the Enemy” Charge, Month-long Sentencing Phase Now Determines Fate

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Bradley ManningBradley Manning acquitted of “Aiding the Enemy” charge, month-long sentencing phase now determines fate. “We won the battle, now we need to go win the war,” shared defense attorney David Coombs following today’s verdict.

Staff and Interns Choose to Swap Not Shop for Clothing

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Drea Clothing Swap shoesLast week Global Exchange held its 3rd annual clothing swap, and as evidenced by the pictures, it was quite a success!

Think outside the bottle: Ban bottled water at National Parks

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nobottlewaterThe ‘Think Outside the Bottle’ campaign has teamed up with the Story of Stuff Project in a new effort to ban bottled water at national parks across the country. According to the campaign, 280 million people visit national parks every summer and consume 2.6 billion gallons of water…from disposable plastic bottles. Yikes.

Why Edward Snowden Is a Hero

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Truth-tellers like Edward Snowden dispel a mythology constructed by the corporate cinema, the corporate academy and the corporate media.Listen to Julian Assange’s Grassroots Awards acceptance speech (read by Daniel Ellsberg) in the following video, then renowned investigative journalist John Pilger explains why Edward Snowden is a hero.

Ecuador and Brazil Training New Haitian Army

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Haiti ProtestorLong-time Global Exchange member Charlie Hinton discusses the connection between Ecuador, Brazil and the new Haitian army.

Let’s Redefine the Word Conservative

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kevindanaherThe right-wing in the United States worked very hard for many years to redefine the word “liberal” as negative. So now progressives should work equally hard to redefine the word “conservative” to be positive. The true conservatives are those of us who believe in conserving nature, so future generations will not curse us for leaving […]

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