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2016 Most Wanted Corporate Criminals List is Out

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MostWanted2013The 2016 list is comprised of eight new “most wanted” corporations judged on issues like unlivable working conditions and pay, violations of human rights and voting rights, climate change denial, and environmental destruction. Four corporations, Koch Industries, McDonald’s, Chevron and Monsanto were on earlier lists but are included again, as the corporate behavior of these companies has reached egregious levels this year and merits repeat attention.

Can Peace Prevail in Colombia?

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marcha----..By Alex Sierra and Ted Lewis On Sunday 2 October, Colombians voted in a national referendum to ratify a peace accord signed government of President Juan Manuel Santos and the rebel FARC, an agreement that had been hammered out during four years of negotiations in Havana, Cuba. But  — in a decision that defied the […]

Colombians Vote on Peace; How you can support them!

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Colombia Peace Pic3This week Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, and the leader of the FARC, Timoleón Jimenez, signed a final peace agreement to end a half century of war that left about 300,000 Colombians dead or missing and drove 5 million more out of their homes. Ratification of the accord—signed before 17 heads of state and 25 […]

Displacement and Repression in Rio: The High Cost of the 2016 Olympic Games

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Getty ImagesThe following guest post was written by Derek Poppert, former Global Exchange Latin America Reality Tours Director. Last week, 24-year old Brazilian judo player Rafaela Silva won Brazil’s first gold medal of the 2016 Olympic games. Her accomplishment is both inspiring and symbolic. It is inspiring because she hails from a particularly notorious favela in Rio […]

Supreme Court 4-4 Ruling Blocks Hope for Millions

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Supreme Court 4-4 Ruling Blocks Hope for Millions Today’s Supreme Court Ruling on Texas v. United States blocks millions of immigrant families from seeking protection under President Obama’s DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) and his expanded DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) programs. The decision guarantees that millions of members of […]

Selma 50th Anniversary Mobilization Video and Photo Journal

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Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.24.12 PMReality Tours Participant Produces Dramatic Video and Photos of the Selma 50TH Anniversary Mobilizations for Civil Rights In March 2015 Global Exchange Reality Tours offered a “Civil Rights Celebration tour of Activism in Alabama.” Photographer and activist Stephanie Solomon participated in the tour, and has just released a stunning video of the March 2015 gathering of […]

The Devastating Effects of Extractive Activities on Peru’s Indigenous Peoples

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Here Natalie Lefevre, Global Exchange’s in-country partner in Peru, provides an overview of the destruction caused by Peru’s extractive industries. Learn more about Peru’s economy and indigenous struggles during our upcoming Reality Tour to Peru this August 4th-15th, Ancient Civilizations & Modern Day Peru Unearthed.  The primary threat to indigenous lands today is that of the […]

Additions to the Global Exchange team and Mexico Reality Tours Schedule!

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Meet Chelis Lopez, Digital Campaigns Coordinator for the Peace, Life and Justice Caravan and learn about a new Global Exchange Reality Tour to her hometown: Oaxaca, Mexico.  We here at Global Exchange would like to introduce you to our newest staff member, Chelis Lopez, who has been working at Global Exchange since February running our […]

Join a GX tour and have a life-changing experience

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A Reflection by Laura Stokes , in the Progressive Democrats of America’s Digest  Many of us have wanted Bernie Sanders to speak more clearly and forcefully about his foreign policy. I understand why he is focusing on what seems to be most important to Americans right now. But our relationship to the rest of the world […]

The Economic and Environmental Justice tour of Argentina and Uruguay: Reflections by Rick Moniz

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Rick Moniz, long time friend of Global Exchange and cofounder of Knowing the Way Travel, reflects here on another successful Custom Reality Tour. After working with the Global Exchange team to design a custom schedule and market the program, he was joined by 8 other participants on this remarkable 2 week journey to Argentina. Read […]

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