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How has the war on drugs impacted you? Tell Your Story

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In just two months the Global Exchange Caravan for Peace, Life, and Justice will start a month-long, five-nation journey north from Honduras to New York City, arriving at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem on April 19th. The Caravan aims to give voice to victims of the failed war on drugs […]

El Chapo Recaptured: Not Exactly “Mission Accomplished”

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This piece was originally published on Huffington Post 1/15/2016.  Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto took a victory lap last week, hours after Mexican authorities re-captured fugitive drug-industry executive, El Chapo Guzmán. Echoing George W. Bush’s Iraq War victory boasts, Mexico’s president tweeted: “Misión Cumplida” — Spanish for “Mission Accomplished”. ¿Mision Cumplida? Not exactly. The simple […]

Thank you President Obama!

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President Obama shed tears of frustration during his speech on gun violence yesterday. At the same time, militia men called on citizens to come armed to a siege of public land in Oregon and conservative politicians pulled out the same Second Amendment argument that is always used by politicians with an NRA- “A” rating.  And […]

Will the victories in Paris be traded away?

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Speaking for the climate, Paris is in no way over—in fact it’s just beginning. For President Obama, the Paris Agreement was a climate victory, committing the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26% – 28% (of 2005 levels) over the next ten years. He hailed the agreement as historic, and our best chance ever […]

Climate Deception: Non-binding “Targets” for Climate, but Binding Rules on Trade in Services

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By Deborah James International Programs at the Center for Economic and Policy Research & Global Exchange Board Member.   (Note: This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post)  The whole world is watching as world leaders from nearly every country across the globe meet in Paris this week to set carbon emission reductions targets to address […]

Church Leaders Support Caravan for Peace, Life, and Justice

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Church Blog ImageEarlier in this month organizers of the Caravan for Peace, Life and Justice joined with leaders from Catholic, Protestant, and other faiths at a meeting of the Ecumenical Council of Guatemala.  The leaders of this organization, many who played a crucial role in Guatemala’s peace process, gave their active support to the Caravan and its […]

Gun Violence is Not Normal

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Shootings in Colorado Springs, San Bernardino, the release of the video of the killing of Laquan McDonald in Chicago and another police shooting of Mario Woods here in San Francisco make gun violence feel like the new normal.  The Community United to End Gun Violence, a group organized […]

Caravan 2016 Team visits Guatemala

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From December 5-12, 2015, a delegation from the Caravan for Peace, Life, and Justice were in Guatemala to engage in dialogue with different social organizations, human rights advocates, victims’ organizations, journalists, students, and additional people with whom the team has been collaborating in sight of the Caravan’s journey through Guatemalan territory from April 5-8, 2016. […]

Rights of Nature report released for Paris Climate Talks

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th-12.06.33-PMThe next generation could look back on Paris as the time when grassroots movements became the real and rightful leaders on climate with searing critiques of capitalism and endless growth and a transformative solutions based on equity, and living in balance with natural laws.

Cuba Visits the US: On the Road Towards Normalization

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Ms. Kenia Serrano speaking at the Commonwealth Club with Walter Turner, President of the Board of Directors of Global Exchange.Last week, Global Exchange was honored to help coordinate, along with a coalition of organizations and people, a visit to the San Francisco Bay Area by two important representatives from Cuba, Ms. Kenia Serrano and Ms. Leima Martinez. Ms. Serrano is a high-ranking member of the Cuban parliament and President of ICAP (The Cuban Institute […]

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