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Reflections on a Trip to Haiti

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Soulouque, myself, and Réa overlooking HaitiI did not know what to expect when I went to Haiti in March 2015 through Global Exchange. During my incredible stay there, I met some of the most passionate, driven, independent individuals I have ever known.

Paris: Why We Must Break the Circle of Insanity

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APTOPIX France Paris Shooting New YorkThis piece was originally published on Huffington Post 11/14/2015. … Everybody remembers where they were on Sept. 11 because of the intensity of emotions, fear, empathy, anger, and the powerful emergence of our instinct for retribution and the sensation that now any level of violence was justified to exterminate the perceived threat. I was shivering […]

Embracing Cuba

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Young man with bass (1)Though photographer, actor, and singer Byron Motley grew up in Kansas City, he was conceived in Cuba. No, really. So, 47 years later, when the LA-based artist stepped off the plane in Havana for the first time, he heard a voice telling him: “I’m home”, and he truly was.

New Canadian Prime Minster Represents 180 Degree Turn From Prime Minister Harper’s Punitive Approach

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justin-trudeau-20141112Canada voted in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party in a general election, which will have outstanding implications for drug policy reform in the country.

Reflections on a Travel Learning Course to Argentina

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7608520Paul Dean is co-creator and co-editor of The Sociological Cinema, and an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Ohio Wesleyan University. He took his OWU students to Argentina with Global Exchange in the spring of 2014 and will be going again this upcoming spring of 2016. Read on to hear more about his trip.

Prescription for Afghan Hospital Bombing: Independent Investigation and US Troop Withdrawal

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151005092110-restricted-msf-hospital-attack-1005-exlarge-169-300x168The US, NATO, and the Afghan government all say they are conducting their own investigations into the attack, but only an independent investigation can uncover the facts we need to demand accountability and new safeguards to ensure this type of tragedy doesn’t happen again. But more is needed. The bombing should also be a moment to reflect on the 14 years of US intervention in Afghanistan.

Ecuador, Oil and the Yasuní

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Photograph: Prisma Bildagentur AG/Alamy Prisma Bildagentur AG / Alamy/AlamyThe Yasuní region of the Amazon rainforest is one of the most precious and important areas on the entire planet. A UNESCO world biosphere reserve, many scientists consider it to be the most biologically diverse region on Earth. One hectare of the area is home to a richer mix of trees, birds, amphibians, and reptiles than the US and Canada put together. One big problem: the area also sits on top of lots of oil.

IRS Attacks Faith Based Civil Rights Group for Humanitarian Work with Cuba

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pastorscuba1The IRS plans to revoke the IFCO’s non­profit tax exempt status because of its humanitarian work in Cuba and other countries. Here is their press release from October 3. Please read and support!

The TPP Goes to Congress

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11401505_10155725269985613_3258664312752584815_nA Congressional vote looms on the TPP, the largest trade deal in history. Global Exchange has consistently opposed unfair trade deals and we need your help to defeat this one. Say no to the TPP!

Lessons from Bolivian History

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Beacon Image 2Rick Tejada-Flores is a documentary filmmaker and former member of the Global Exchange board of directors. His many works for PBS include “The Fight in the Fields, Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers Struggle”; “Race is the Place”; “The Good War and Those who Refused to Fight it”, and “Orozco, Man of Fire”. He is currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign for his newest film, “My Bolivia, Remembering What I Never Knew”, to raise the funds to finish it.

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