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With BP’s Oil and Chemicals Still in Gulf Coast Waters, Shrimpers Stay Out.

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2010-08-26-OilAntonia_Dauphin_500While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has claimed that the fish are safe in the Gulf Coast, the Gulf Coast fishing community beg to differ.

A Permanent Moratorium

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2010-07-31-oiledshellbeachAs another oil and gas rig explodes September 2nd in the Gulf of Mexico, the need to ban offshore drilling becomes more apparent. See Antonia Juhasz’s article in Progressive Magazine on the frequency of such incidents (400 in the last five years) and the need for a permanent moratorium on offshore drilling. What we are witnessing is the failure of an entire system, rather than of one operator.

Report Back From the Gulf Coast Webinar

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2010-07-31-OiledGrassOn August 26th at Noon (PST) Antonia Juhasz, Director of Global Exchange’s Chevron Program and Kevin Danaher, Green Festivals Co-founder will present a 60-minute report back from the Gulf Coast. It will be an interactive webinar conversation and Q&A about the impacts of the BP Oil Spill and what it means for the Green Economy.

Antonia Juhasz speaks to DemocracyNow! about BP’s “missing oil”

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ajGlobal Exchange’s Chevron Program Director, Antonia Juhasz appeared on DemocracyNow! this morning to speak about her recent Huffington Post article on BP’s “missing oil” washing up in St. Mary’s Parish, Louisiana.

BP’s “Missing Oil” Washes up in St. Mary’s Parish, LA

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2010-07-31-OiledGrassBP’s “Missing Oil” coats wetlands and beaches along the waterways near St. Mary’s Parish, Louisiana, where no one is booming, cleaning, skimming, or watching.

Teach-In: The BP Spill & Big Oil

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bigoil_teachin_frontAs part of the National 3-month Gulf Disaster Anniversary Week of Action, there will be a Teach-In on the BP Oil Spill and Big Oil. The teach-in will take place on Tuesday, July 20th from 7-9pm at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley. The teach-in will discuss what’s really going on, what it all means and what we can do.

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