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Peace Caravan Stirs Up Action in L.A.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Peace Caravan started off in Southern California. Here’s what happened:

Caravan for Peace Hits the Road

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Danes and MPJDOn Sunday, August 12th more than 80 Mexicans will cross the Otay Border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego, board a bus and drive to Friendship Park, the most southwestern point of the United States where the wall that separates our two countries stretches out into the Pacific Ocean.

Find Out What Route the Mexico Caravan for Peace is Taking

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caravanpostcard_frontThis summer’s Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity is coming up quickly. Find out who’s going, what route they’re taking, and how YOU can get involved.

Sign Says it All: “Cambia Tu Vida, No Tu Clima”

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irene2The next post in our continuing coverage from COP16 in Cancun, today Irene Florez shares her perspective on the climate talks and how a sign that reads “Cambia tu vida, no tu clima” (Change your life, not your climate) illuminates a key message.

“We want an urban development that is viable, that is for everybody, that is legal.” The story of Tepuxtepec and Toluca.

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Tepuxtepec 008Global Exchange volunteer Ryan Van Lenning writes from the second half of day 1 of the caravan that departed Jalisco state from El Salto on Nov 28 (late posting due to limited internet access). Caravan participants learned of the SME (Mexican Electrical Workers union) workers’ struggles in Tepuxtepec and rallied in Toluca with residents who are fighting the proposed construction of a Super Via (highway).

The Caravans Arrive – is Cancun Ready?

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DSCN1091As the final leg of the caravan rolled towards Mexico City the final stop was around the sacred land of Chichén Itzá.

The Ground Swells – Thousands Join the ‘International March For Life and Social and Environmental Justice’

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DSCN1072The first leg(s) of the Via Campesina caravans are over – the three delegations arrived from Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi and Acapulco. Two thousand, five hundred join the International March For Life and Social and Environmental Justice and march through Mexico City.

Zapata Vive! – La Lucha Sigue!

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DSCN1045On the second day of the Via Campesina caravan from Acapulco to Mexico City, we hear from the community of Alpuyeca and march through the streets of Cuernavaca.

Via Campesina COP16 Caravan Makes a Protest Pit Stop

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Marchers in MoreliaOn the road to COP 16, La Via Campesina caravan delegation member Irene Florez reports: Traveling with the Via Campesina caravan from Guadalajara to Cancun, our delegation is now picking up about 20 additional climate activists at every stop. Converging through rallies, marches, and civil disobedience actions, the Via Campesina caravan members are meeting with allies in various towns and cities and alerting local populations about the Cancun summit, picking additional passengers up along the way.

Acapulco to DF – Caravan Update

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la parota march.inline_thumbI’m just about to meet my international and Mexican traveling companions for the next week and board the Via Campesina caravan from Acapulco, Mexico. First stop on this journey today will be to the much disputed potential site of the mega hydro-electric dam called La Parota and meet with community members and the organization Consejo de Ejidos y Comunidades Opositores a la Prensa La Parota (CECOP).