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Beautiful Yosemite and Sad Farewells

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IMG_0272This is the final in a series of posts from our Green Alternatives Department that is currently conducting its first China-U.S. Exchange Program. These posts are written by Green Alternatives Department Intern, Antonia Malhi.

Trash, Sustainability and S’mores with the US China Exchange Group

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100_2575Our “walk” through of California’s green economy for our guests is turning out to be a great success. Learning about sustainable farming, San Francisco trash sorting practices, waste handling and tasting Fair Trade S’mores.

The Start of the California Local Green Economy Tour

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100_2442July 6th was the official first day of the US-China Exchange Tour! June, (my supervisor), Sunny and I have been waiting for this day for months. Finally it was time to meet our guests, whom we have been working so hard to bring here and to create an amazing and informative program for. We couldn’t wait to get started.

An Introduction to our China-U.S. Exchange Program

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101_8526The Green Alternatives Department at Global Exchange promotes green education through community connections in the local green economy. Our purpose is to be advocates of green development and educate our community about why green living is necessary and the benefits that come from it.

Declaring Our Independence from An Empire of Debt and Energy Dependency

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T.J. Drive Through UtahThe 4th of July is a day to remember that despite the places in history where we have fallen short as a nation, the ideals on which our country was founded endure. It is our responsibility as citizens to understand our past and safeguard our future by challenging what we take for granted about the way we live. By declaring our independence from oil we prepare ourselves for the difficult but necessary policy battles that will shape our future as a proud, free and principled nation.