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Sign Says it All: “Cambia Tu Vida, No Tu Clima”

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irene2The next post in our continuing coverage from COP16 in Cancun, today Irene Florez shares her perspective on the climate talks and how a sign that reads “Cambia tu vida, no tu clima” (Change your life, not your climate) illuminates a key message.

“We want an urban development that is viable, that is for everybody, that is legal.” The story of Tepuxtepec and Toluca.

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Tepuxtepec 008Global Exchange volunteer Ryan Van Lenning writes from the second half of day 1 of the caravan that departed Jalisco state from El Salto on Nov 28 (late posting due to limited internet access). Caravan participants learned of the SME (Mexican Electrical Workers union) workers’ struggles in Tepuxtepec and rallied in Toluca with residents who are fighting the proposed construction of a Super Via (highway).