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From Cairo to Madison: Hope and Solidarity are Alive

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image.cidFrom the streets of Cairo, Egypt to Madison, Wisconsin, Global Exchange Co-founder Medea Benjamin delivers another ‘from the frontlines’ report sure to inspire you.

Send A Message of Solidarity and Peace to Egypt

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CIMG0182“Something wonderful is being born here: an inclusive, grassroots, democratic movement which is, even in this time of extreme crisis, enacting ideals of nonviolence, creativity, courtesy, public service…what can I say? This revolution is not just Egyptian; it belongs to everyone who believes in the possibility of a better way for us all to live together.”

VIDEO: The Gaza Freedom March

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gazaOn December 27, 2009, on the one-year memorial of the major Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip, concerned people from around the world met in Cairo to travel to Gaza, despite the siege, for the Gaza Freedom March, calling for an end to the siege of Gaza. Only 100 marchers were allowed into Gaza; protests in Cairo generated international attention. Over 150 solidarity actions occurred around the world including Israel, the West Bank, Switzerland, New York, and Minnesota. Check out the video for more on this.

Reading the Coca Leaves: Climate Change, Cancun and Bolivia

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DSCN1168Reflecting on the close of the UNFCCC climate talks, Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK and Global Exchange, writes of her experience on the ground in Cancun.

Transparency and Truthtellers

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medeaFOXWhen news came out yesterday that Berkeley’s City Council was considering passing a resolution to honor Pfc. Bradley Manning for leaking information to Wikileaks and call for his release, FOX News approached Medea Benjamin to appear on “America Live with Megyn Kelly” to discuss her reaction to the resolution.

Dear Jon Stewart, Sane People Protest Crazy Wars

Posted by in Stop Funding War, World News & Events on 29th October, 2010 | 3 Comments

0903_codepink_lg_groupIt’s too bad that Stewart is ridiculing antiwar activism, while promoting his slacktivist Rally for Sanity.

PEACE CHARADE – A “Peace Talks” Parody

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Mideast TalksSee what’s going on behind the scenes in the “peace negotiations” between Israeli and Palestinian officials, announced by Secretary Clinton for September 1st, 2010.

The Iraq Debacle: The Legacy of Seven Years of War

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Iraq_DebacleLast Monday, President Obama gave a speech before the Disabled American Veterans national convention in Atlanta, Georgia stating that the US military is on target and will withdraw all its combat troops from Iraq by the end of August. Global Exchange and CODEPINK join in on a statement in hopes to get out the truth that the Iraq war was based on lies, left Iraq in tatters, drained our resources and MUST NOT be repeated for years to come in Afghanistan.

Use Wikileaks to Flood Congress Today

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Wikileaks_-logoNot since the Pentagon Papers have the inner workings of war been exposed to the public in such an explosive fashion as with the Wikileaks’ revelations on the Afghan war. The Afghan War Diary is composed of over 90,000 leaked military documents that expose the harrowing truth of the war in Afghanistan, revealing widespread corruption, soaring Taliban attacks, cover-ups, excessive civilian casualties and more.

Senator Carl Levin Fiddling With War While Detroit Burns

Posted by in Stop Funding War, World News & Events on 30th June, 2010 | No Comments

DSC01030General Petreaus is being confirmed today as the new commander of the war in Afghanistan. His confirmation hearing in Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, chaired by Senator Carl Levin, was noteworthy only because of the Senators’ refusal to ask critical questions about the 9-year-old war that has claimed the lives of over 1,000 soldiers and countless Afghans. The only debate in the hearing centered on whether there should be a timeline of July 2011 to begin the drawdown of US forces, or whether our commitment should be open-ended. There was, however, one heated exchange the media missed because it happened just after the hearing ended.

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