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President Obama: Lift All Cuba Travel Restrictions Related to Environmental Sustainability

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Alamar-Urban-GardenJoin us to send an urgent message regarding US-Cuba environmental exchange to President Obama as his administration enters the final stretch of his second term.

Who Won Last Night?

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Global Exchange Elect Democracy campaigner Hillary Lehr, one of the many US voters who turned out on Nov. 7th to cast their ballotNow that we have the results from the US’ election day– who won? Here’s how the Global Exchange team has interpreted some of the results, and we’d like to hear your take on them too!

Help fully regain People to People travel to Cuba

Posted by in Freedom to Travel to Cuba, World News & Events on 8th February, 2011 | 2 Comments

CubanSchoolChildren_bannerAt this time, staff from the Departments of State and Treasury are writing up the “guidelines” for these new categories of legal travel, determining which regulations will be interpreted liberally, allowing more US citizens to travel freely to Cuba, and which will be interpreted in a more rigid way, denying or obstructing the right to travel for US citizens. Contact Congress and help fully regain People to People travel to Cuba.

Change in U.S. Cuba Travel Policy: What Does this Mean for You?

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cuba3So can I travel to Cuba or not? That’s what many Americans are wondering since the Obama administration’s January 14th announcement that it is lifting some government-imposed restrictions on travel to Cuba for several categories of U.S. citizens. Find out whether you fall into one of these categories, and a bit more about the recent change in U.S. Cuba travel policy.

Highlights and Headlines from 2010

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DSCN11712011 is finally here. So now seems as good a time as any to take stock of everything we’ve accomplished in the past year, to draw together our challenges and victories and lay them out there for you to see. Since there isn’t space enough to showcase everything, we’ve selected a few of our favorite highlights from 2010 to share with you: