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Community rights over corporate rights. How?

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democracyschoolIn the face of corporate power today, the struggle for real, lasting change and the efforts to assert real people’s rights over corporation’s ‘personhood’ rights is being championed by some very special communities throughout the US.

Holy Frack! Pittsburgh Bans Gas Drilling Through Rights-based Ordinance

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Fracking FairytalePittsburgh has taken a stand against corporate power and has just become the first major U.S. city to adopt a rights-based ordinance that includes the legal rights for nature. Communities like Pittsburgh are discovering their lack of decision-making power in their own communities and are taking a stand through a rights-based approach. Pittsburgh’s ability to take on corporate injustice says a lot about the future of communities to truly stop unwanted harm rather than just postpone it.

Community Rights VS Corporate Power: What Would Rosa Parks Do?

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shasta city council meetingOK…technically, Rosa Parks took a seat for rights, but when it comes to corporations citing unwanted and dangerous projects, communities are taking a stand for rights.  A stand for their right to determine what happens in the place where we live. A stand for the right not to be a sacrifice zone for corporate profits. […]