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Who Won Last Night?

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Global Exchange Elect Democracy campaigner Hillary Lehr, one of the many US voters who turned out on Nov. 7th to cast their ballotNow that we have the results from the US’ election day– who won? Here’s how the Global Exchange team has interpreted some of the results, and we’d like to hear your take on them too!

Ten Days for Peace and Human Rights

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white_houseAfter a month of visiting 25 cities across the United States to raise awareness about the War on Drugs, it has come to a close. However, the end of this cross-country trek does not signify the end, but rather the beginning a new partnerships, friendships, and a new way forward to change the policies of the this war that has hurt so many of us. Continue to join the Caravan for the next ten days as we declare it 10 Days for Peace & Human Rights from September 12-21.

The Caravan for Peace Arrives in D.C., Speaking Truth to Power

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photo: Caravan for PeaceThe Caravan has arrived in Washington, D.C. after a month on the road. From one coast to the next, we have listened to one another’s stories—learning how violence and fear has touched every part of Mexico—and to the stories of brave souls we met along the way. We have come to speak these truths to the power that resides within the nation’s gleaming capitol buildings.

Caravan for Peace: 5760 miles later

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benningAfter 25 cities, 5760 miles, and 30 days the Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity is in Washington, DC for the final days of action, press conferences, and lobbying to bring a human face to the costs of the War on Drugs to our nation’s capitol.

Faces and Names of the Caravan

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ladiesTraveling in two buses on the Caravan for Peace are 40 family members with their individual stories about their loved ones and one common goal to show the real costs of the drug war. Here are some of their stories.

A Bi-lingual Breakdown of Caravan for Peace Slogans

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Caravan chanters3Global Exchange Caravan for Peace intern Chelsea Brown translates some of the popular Spanish chants heard along the Caravan for Peace route and the history behind their meaning.

Austin is Hot for the Peace Caravan!

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An American mother whose son recently disappeared in Mexico is comforted by a Mexican mother on the Caravan in Austin.Global Exchange Director of Organizing Kirsten Moller has joined the Caravan for Peace with Justice in Austin, TX. Kirsten shares some of her first experiences with us:

Deep in the Heart of Texas – the Caravan for Peace in El Paso

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Welcoming the Caravan to El Paso!Global Exchange Executive Director Carleen Pickard joined the Caravan for Peace in El Paso, TX. She shares her first 24 hours, including a moving vigil honoring the victims of the War on Drugs.

One Week On the Road with the Caravan for Peace

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThree states, seven cities, and eight days later the Caravan for Peace continues to make its way across the United States on its month-long journey to urge the U.S. public to rethink the failed strategies of the War on Drugs. Read the report back from the first week of the Caravan.

Why Guns from the U.S. mean Murder in Mexico

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gunsWatch ‘U.S. Guns: The Awful, Shock Truth’ produced by the Washington Office of Latin America (WOLA) and Cuéntame. It illustrates how these guns are trafficked to Mexico, who profits from their sale, and what President Obama can do to stop this kind of trafficking.

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