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Egyptians Stand Up to President’s Power Grab

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Medea in EgyptHundreds of thousands of people filled Tahrir Square to protest the decree issued five days earlier by President Morsi giving himself power to make decisions that could not be challenged by the judiciary.

Ten Good Things About a (Not So) Bad Year

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medea(2)Medea Benjamin’s annual list of things worth remembering about our soon-to-be-last year.

Gratitude to All Who Stand Up to Resist Injustice

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GX-Staff-Thank-you-WebThere is a lot to be thankful for in 2011. We here at Global Exchange offer gratitude to all those who have stood up to resist injustice, envision alternatives and take action. Here’s who we are thankful for.

Obama Should Follow His Own Advice on the ‘Moral Force’ of Non-Violence

Posted by in Stop Funding War, World News & Events on 20th May, 2011 | 1 Comment

us_empire-blood_history_0-325x248Given that President Obama daily authorizes the firing of hellfire missiles and the dropping of cluster bombs in places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, it was awful odd seeing him wax eloquent this week about the “moral force of non-violence” in places like Egypt and Tunisia. But there he was, the commander-in-chief of the largest empire in history, praising the power of peaceful protest in countries with repressive leaders backed by his own administration.

From Cairo to Madison: Hope and Solidarity are Alive

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image.cidFrom the streets of Cairo, Egypt to Madison, Wisconsin, Global Exchange Co-founder Medea Benjamin delivers another ‘from the frontlines’ report sure to inspire you.

Stop the Crackdown in Bahrain

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bahrainThe failure of the Obama administration to swiftly condemn the bloody crackdown in Bahrain that has killed four and injured hundreds points to the ongoing hypocrisy that defines U.S. Middle East policy. When pushed, our government eventually supported the multitudes of demonstrators in Cairo, but not before assuring that the U.S.-backed military is there to manage Egypt’s “transition to democracy.”

Halftime in Egypt

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mubarakresigns_1The Egyptian Revolution is not a sporting event. Hundreds have been killed and thousands injured by police and regime inspired thugs in the 18 days it has taken for a non-violent mass movement to build into a powerful force able to oust a dictator closely linked to U.S. interests. Yet in the celebratory moment following his resignation, it is important to remember that even as Mubarak hands power to the military, the movement that expelled him faces new challenges and deserves our ongoing attention and support. This is not over.

How the Flower Delivery in Egypt Went

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Photo Credit: MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty ImagesOur first attempt to buy flowers for the demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square was thwarted by a crazed-looking guy with a gun in one hand and a homemade spear in another (pruning shears taped to a broomstick, to be exact). Three of us, all Americans, were in a taxi driving to the flower market when this fellow stopped our car at gunpoint. His hand on the trigger, he forced us to pull over.

Mubarak Mobs and Street Vendors: Welcome to Egypt

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201123132139690472_20The democracy forces in Tahrir Square have braved tear gas, water cannons, rocks, sniper fire and mobs storming in on horses and camels. Medea Benjamin updates from the ground in Egypt.

Send A Message of Solidarity and Peace to Egypt

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CIMG0182“Something wonderful is being born here: an inclusive, grassroots, democratic movement which is, even in this time of extreme crisis, enacting ideals of nonviolence, creativity, courtesy, public service…what can I say? This revolution is not just Egyptian; it belongs to everyone who believes in the possibility of a better way for us all to live together.”

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