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Occupy Wall Street West #J20 Day of Action

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corps are not peopleHundreds of people have gathered in downtown San Francisco’s Financial District today despite the wind and rain to take part in a day of mass action against corporations, banks, and the courts. While people from many different walks of life are joining the actions today, there are a few consistent messages which are being voiced: corporations are not people, money is not speech, and people should come before profit.

Global Exchange Testifies at State Capitol to Support Resolution to Stop Trafficking of Illegal Weapons into Mexico

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John Lindsay Poland, -and-Kirsten-Moller-at-California-capitol-building-in-SacramentoOn January 10, 2012 Kirsten Moller joined the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Brady campaign in the California Capitol building in Sacramento to provide a support testimony for Senator De León’s Senate Joint Resolution No. 10 that calls for a comprehensive approach to stop the trafficking of illegal weapons and ammunition across the border into Mexico. Here’s the statement we made yesterday.