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Torpedoing the Gaza Flotilla, Israel Sunk its Own Ship

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audacity_of_hopeMedea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK: Women for Peace, and a passenger on “The Audacity of Hope”, shares her perspective about Israel’s recent flotilla reaction: “Instead of high-fiving each other for their success in thwarting the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Israeli officials should be throwing overboard the propaganda hacks who catapulted the flotilla into headline news for weeks and left Israel smelling like rotten fish.”

Let Hope Sail!

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20110629.183910_20110629-flotillaMedea is currently in Greece with a group of international activists who are trying to set sail on the Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza. The US boat, the Audacity of Hope, was scheduled to sail last weekend, but we are still anxiously awaiting permission from the Greek government, which is being pressured by Israel and the United States to prevent our departure. Help urge the US State Department to stop impeding on the mission of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Challenge the Siege on Gaza with the Freedom Flotilla

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gazafreedomflotilla2This week, the international Gaza Freedom Flotilla II: “Stay Human” of ten boats will attempt to depart from Cyprus towards Gaza. The mission of the flotilla states, “our destination is Gaza. Our means are non-violent. Our goal is to lift the illegal siege, completely and permanently, and freedom for the Palestinian people.” Most of the boats are carrying much needed humanitarian aid to donate to the people of Gaza.

Setting Sail for Gaza, Armed with Love Letters and a Missive from Dr. King

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Activists across the United States have organized to raise funds for the US Boat to Gaza. ( US Boat to Gaza / Flickr )Global Exchange Co-founder Medea Benjamin and Board Member Anne Wright join other passengers aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, a fleet of nine boats scheduled to set sail for Gaza on June 25 from various Mediterranean ports. Medea shares her thoughts as she prepares to set sail.

VIDEO: Activists Express Condolences for Victims of Flotilla Attack

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Turkish-Embassy-VideoPeace activists, led by CODEPINK and Global Exchange Co-founder Medea Benjamin, convened in front of the Turkish Embassy, in Washington, D.C., on Friday, June 4, 2010. They were there to express their condolences for the “deaths of the Turkish citizens,” as a result of Israel’s lethal attack, in international waters, “on the nonviolent Gaza Freedom […]