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Ten Reasons to Protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on December 1st

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TPPlogo1Kristen Beifus, Executive Director of the Washington Fair Trade Coalition, working on behalf of people and the planet for a fair global trading system and lead organizer of the December 1 Day of Action explains why the TPP needs to be protested. And how YOU can get on the bus (literally) to join the protest.

Know the Links Between GMOs and Human Health Before You Vote!

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No-gmos-294x300A former Global Exchange staff member and current apprentice at Rudolf Steiner College’s biodynamic farm encourages California voters to educate yourself about the links between genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and human health before voting on proposition 37.

What Will You #DeclareIndependence From?

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ikylieinstaThis July 3-4, choose ONE THING you DON’T LIKE and #DeclareIndependence from it! I chose to #DeclareIndependence from rule by Wall Street. What about you? Just post on Facebook or Twitter. It takes 30 seconds and makes Independence Day about more than fireworks or a car sale.

Information Suppression and Lack of Labeling About GMO’s is Harmful to Americans

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No gmosThe following is a guest post by Lori Grace. Lori explores the topic of GMO’s, specifically information suppression and the lack of labeling which make it difficult for Americans to make informed choices about food and farms.

We Currently Eat Genetically Engineered Food, But We Don’t Know It

Posted by in People Power, Not Corporate Power, World News & Events on 15th March, 2012 | 1 Comment

Gathering signatures 3Thousands of volunteers across California have mobilized to gather signatures for a ballot initiative to require labeling of any food or food product that contains genetically engineered food.