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Join Thousands in Telling Obama: No to $7 Billion Oil Pipeline from Alberta to Gulf Coast

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Tar-Sands-Trip-099President Barack Obama will decide as early as September whether to approve a $7-billion, 1,700-mile long pipeline called Keystone XL to transport up to 900,000 barrels a day of tar sands crude from northern Alberta to refineries along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Thousands of North Americans – including Danny Glover, and NASA’s Dr. James Hansen – will be at the White House, day after day, demanding Obama reject Keystone XL. Many protesters will engage in peaceful civil disobedience, day after day to make their voices heard. Will you join them?

VIDEO: Black Tide Book Launch Last Chance Events!

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antoniaThe Black Tide Book Tour hits Colorado tonight and tomorrow night, then wraps up in California for two final dates following a whirlwind tour that took author Antonia Juhasz all around the US (and to London!) Find out exactly when and where the final tour dates are.

One Year After Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Rig Operator Claims ‘Best Year in Safety Performance,’ Gives Execs Big Bonuses

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storyimages_1302555627_deepwaterhorizonfire3It is time to learn the lessons of the disaster: neither the technology nor the regulation of deepwater drilling is capable of protecting workers or the environment.

Speaking Out at the BP Annual Meeting

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Diane Wilson at BP's AGM // photo: Stefan Rousseau/PAGulf Coast activists showed up at BP’s annual shareholder meeting in London today to speak out against the oil company that is responsible for what is known as the largest oil spill in U.S. history. Despite having proxies and all necessary credentials to attend the meeting, almost all of the Gulf Coast residents were denied entry.

Hurricane Katrina, Five Years Later

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katrina-new-orleans-flooding3-2005Five years after Hurricane Katrina hit the shores of the Gulf Coast and destroyed the city of New Orleans, NOLA still has not fully recovered from the tragic event and with the BP Oil Disaster that took place earlier this year in the Gulf, the long term damage continues to mount and a full recovery seems even more distant. Take a moment with us as we reflect and stand in solidarity to imagine positive solutions in order to heal our communities in the Gulf Coast and beyond.

With BP’s Oil and Chemicals Still in Gulf Coast Waters, Shrimpers Stay Out.

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2010-08-26-OilAntonia_Dauphin_500While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has claimed that the fish are safe in the Gulf Coast, the Gulf Coast fishing community beg to differ.

Imagine if the Gulf Could Sue BP for Damages…

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oiledgrasssmallIIIIWhy can’t BP be responsible for “fixing what it broke?” In part it comes down to the law. Within our current legal structure, corporations, which are fictional, non-living entities, are recognized to have the same rights as individual people. In fact, the law provides corporations to have more say in our lives than we do: […]

Report Back From the Gulf Coast Webinar

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2010-07-31-OiledGrassOn August 26th at Noon (PST) Antonia Juhasz, Director of Global Exchange’s Chevron Program and Kevin Danaher, Green Festivals Co-founder will present a 60-minute report back from the Gulf Coast. It will be an interactive webinar conversation and Q&A about the impacts of the BP Oil Spill and what it means for the Green Economy.

Antonia Juhasz speaks to DemocracyNow! about BP’s “missing oil”

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ajGlobal Exchange’s Chevron Program Director, Antonia Juhasz appeared on DemocracyNow! this morning to speak about her recent Huffington Post article on BP’s “missing oil” washing up in St. Mary’s Parish, Louisiana.

BP’s “Missing Oil” Washes up in St. Mary’s Parish, LA

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2010-07-31-OiledGrassBP’s “Missing Oil” coats wetlands and beaches along the waterways near St. Mary’s Parish, Louisiana, where no one is booming, cleaning, skimming, or watching.