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TPPxBorder Rally Reportback

Posted by in Elect Democracy, Fair Trade, Featured, Peace, Democracy and Human Rights, People Power, Not Corporate Power on 4th December, 2012 | 1 Comment

StopTPPbannerSeattleWe called this rally TPPxBorder: The People’s Round. What I loved about it wasn’t only the fiery speakers, the diversity, the music, the unity, the hot Fair Trade coffee, and the ultra-legitimacy of our opposition to this heinous version of the TPP…. what I loved was learning about what an alternative deal would look like – one by and for the people. Listening to speakers and experts articulately describe what fair trade looks like, what it offers communities internationally, reminds me why these fights are so important, and the promise of real, practical, and respectful trade solutions. We have answers- now is the time to join hands and fight for them.

Japan Nuclear Crisis and Ten Reasons to Oppose Nuclear Power

Posted by in End Dirty Energy, Featured on 14th March, 2011 | 1 Comment

Nuclear bomb treeOur hearts go out to the people of Japan and all those affected by the current crisis. In addition to helping the immediate victims, we can learn important lessons from this tragedy. Keep reading to learn some ways you can support relief efforts in Japan, and for a list that will vaccinate your mind against thinking that nuclear power is a viable path for our energy future.