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Rand Paul’s Message to Obama: Don’t Drone Me Bro

Posted by in Stop Funding War, World News & Events on 7th March, 2013 | 2 Comments

nodronesThe most positive outcome of Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster was giving the American public a sense of the treacherous path that President Obama’s drone program could take, i.e. the targeted killing of Americans here at home. The biggest flaw, however, was Rand’s refusal to strongly condemn the way drones are already being used overseas and to blame CIA nominee John Brennan for being the mastermind of a nefarious program that has led to the deaths of so many non-American civilians and spread anti-American sentiment globally.

A Chat With Counterterrorism Chief John Brennan

Posted by in Global Exchange Community, Global Exchange News & Events, Human Rights, Peace, Democracy and Human Rights, World News & Events on 5th November, 2012 | No Comments

John Brennan, Obama’s counterterrorism chiefPicture this. It’s Sunday in a Virginia suburb. Peace activist Medea Benjamin finds her way to the doorstep of John Brennan, Obama’s counterterrorism chief and the key person making decisions about drone strikes. The door opens.