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Free Local Veggies Invade Global Exchange Office

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Donated veggies awaiting Global Exchange staffIt’s going to a be a tasty, healthy summer here at Global Exchange. For staff AND supporters! Here’s why.

Attn 99 Year Olds! Green Economy Leadership Training Application Deadline Almost Here

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gelt5Want to participate in community-led projects focused on developing local green economy resources? Interested in learning to organize social entrepreneurship ventures? Between the ages of 18 and 99? Want to spend the summer in Highland Park, MI and meet like-minded people from across the country working for social justice while working with the local community? Then apply to GELT today!

Innovative Green Youth Program Shines at Open House in Highland Park MI

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Pastor Bullock addressing the GELT communityGlobal Exchange’s Green Economy Leadership Training in Highland Park, MI aims to educate, engage and empower both youth and adults to be active agents of change in building the necessary clean energy, green economy future. Their work is Highland Park, Michigan. Their future looks bright. Global Exchange’s Beth Garriott takes us to GELT’s recent Open House, where Detroit area residents came out to show their support. Here are some highlights:

“It’s not what you do; it’s why you do it” : Green Economy Leadership Training Week 1

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GELTers Gather for their First MealWritten by Cory Connolly, aka, “the Finisher” Why is it that the green economy, in many ways, remains intangible? Why must those who are passionate about people and the environment choose between doing what they want and between living comfortably? What does a green economy look like in the country’s most devastated communities?

Vision: How to Change Our Laws So That Corporations Don’t Trump Communities

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blogimage_acidminedrainage.jpg_thumbs_600x943_310x220The following originally appeared on Alternet. — Our environmental laws and regulations, rather than put in place protections for the environment, instead seem to be written to exploit it. Here’s what can we do about it. The following is excerpted from the recently released book, The Rights of Nature: The Case for a Universal Declaration […]

FROM THE GROUND UP: The Story Behind the Green Economy Leadership Training

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Green Economy Leadership TrainingIn 2 weeks, the Global Exchange Michigan team will embark on our second Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT) program. GELT is a 9 week training program that brings together residents from the community of Detroit & Highland Park together with youth from communities throughout Michigan and the U.S. for technical trainings in the green economy and community organizing.

A Green Makeover for Detroit

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GELTgroupGlobal Exchange’s Green Economy Leadership Training team appears on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 as they attempt to turn Detroit into a model green city.

Green Freedom

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IMG_0726 - largeThis summer, our Michigan team is working with GreenNation on the Green Economy Leadership Training program. This entry was written by GELT-er Ayoola White.

Beautiful Yosemite and Sad Farewells

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IMG_0272This is the final in a series of posts from our Green Alternatives Department that is currently conducting its first China-U.S. Exchange Program. These posts are written by Green Alternatives Department Intern, Antonia Malhi.

Trash, Sustainability and S’mores with the US China Exchange Group

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100_2575Our “walk” through of California’s green economy for our guests is turning out to be a great success. Learning about sustainable farming, San Francisco trash sorting practices, waste handling and tasting Fair Trade S’mores.

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