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“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”

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10264483_10152024243546548_8605060233026359083_n-1Meet the first winner of ‘What About Peace’? contest. She calls herself an amateur when it comes to photography but her creative eye in clicking mesmerizing nature themes can take anyone by surprise. Here is the second part of the conversational blog series with the talented visual art winner.

Have You Ever Pondered The Nature of…Nature? Attend This Rights of Nature Training

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nature bubbleIt is not too late to change our human relationship with nature from one of dominance to one of interdependence and balance. Join us for a rich and interactive dialogue on how we can rewrite our human story on planet Earth, by signing up for a one-hour telecourse or a weekend seminar in the San Francisco Bay Area on the Rights of Nature.

VIDEO: Shannon Biggs & Maude Barlow on Recognizing the Rights of Nature

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Image Credit: GRITtvThe following video originally aired April 20th on GRITtv. In it, Shannon Biggs & Maude Barlow speak about recognizing the Rights of Nature.