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The Power of We: 5 Ways to Elect Democracy in 2012

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GX-ED-Sticker-300x300Here are five fresh ideas for reclaiming democracy by and for the people, from joining our Stick It To Super PACs day of action to organizing local documentary screenings.

Occupy Movement Shuts Down West Coast Ports

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signsOn Monday, December 12th, thousands of people took part in a coordinated shut down of ports up and down the West Coast; including the port of Oakland here in the Bay Area where protesters successfully shut down the port for three consecutive shifts starting at 5:30am when 1,500 people came out to disrupt the port’s early morning shift.

Oakland General Strike/Day of Action 2pm

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Occupy-Oakland-shoutingGrandpas and construction workers and students and musicians and dancers and teachers and reporters and celebrities and spiritual leaders and veterans and postal workers and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. All in Oakland, Calfornia today. All with a purpose. They are the 99%. We are the 99%.

22 Dems Think Keystone XL Is Cool, But I Don’t

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sf obamaPresident Obama will be in San Francisco at a $7500 per plate lunch with his biggest donors at the W Hotel and I’ll be outside with the good folks at CREDO Action telling President Obama that the Keystone XL pipeline is not the kind of change I was expecting from his administration. And as he contemplates green lighting the pipeline, on November 6th I’ll join thousands of others in front of the White House to tell Obama that he’s got the support he needs to say No to the Keystone XL pipeline, and say NO to EXPANDING the largest and most destructive industrial project in human history.

“They Know Precisely What They Want”

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DSCN2468This ongoing debate of ‘what do they want/what are they saying?’ is losing it’s interest as a media story as mainstream understanding of ‘We are the 99%’ takes hold outside of corporate media and in the streets.

‘Cos the Power of the People Don’t Stop

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occupyAt noon on Thurs Oct 13, the website listed 1599 cities with Occupy Wall Street protests from Iceland to New Zealand. This online hub of the movement represents a huge number of the events in solidarity with OWS concentrated in North America, and growing internationally. Other online sources include united for #globalchange and the powerful video rallying us to take action.

Signs of the San Francisco Occupation

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Droid Pics 10-5-11 458Global Exchangers took to the streets to join the action in San Francisco. Check out some of the signs of occupation from folks out in the streets.

The 99% Say Enough is Enough

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photo: Paul Stein/FlickrWe, the 99%, demand our voices be heard, we want an end to war and greed, we want to invest in human needs. It’s that simple. May the spirit of non-violence, the joy of democracy and the inclusion of many voices be our guiding light as we zig-zag forward, empowering protest as an agent to drive political reform.