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A New Holiday for Peace

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A of the classic art pieces Scott Graber shared with his students for inspirationOn August 27th in 1928, nations of the worlds sent representatives to Paris, France to sign a treaty banning war and committing to the peaceful settlement of all disputes. Now cities across the United States are hoping to create a new holiday in honor of peace.

Surprising Fact About What Top Three Winners in Youth Art Contest Have in Common

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Scott Graber, an inspired art teacher from PennsylvaniaAfter our four top winners were chosen for this year’s “What About Peace” contest, we turned the art over and saw that three of the pieces, though very different in style and medium, had one thing in common. Find out what it is.

What About Peace Needs You (and Couldn’t You Use $1000?!)

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What-About-Peace-art-contesPrize money is available for the winners of a youth art contest for 14 – 20 year old youth who want to answer the question: What About Peace?

Make Jobs, Not War

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jobsnotwarpaycheckj1Americans demand good paying jobs; corporations and the rich pay their fair share; protection of our social safety net; significant cuts to runaway Pentagon spending; and an end to the War in Afghanistan. We must not let up – we must continue to remind our elected officials who they represent. Together our voices can make a difference.

Introducing New “What About Peace?” Blank Note Cards!

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"What About Peace?" by Christina SchebleinJust released: Peace themed notecards, featuring artwork from the “What about Peace” youth art contest. The cards are available now for your holiday and New Year’s greetings!

‘What About Peace’ Youth Art Contest Winners Announced. And the Grand Prize Winner is…

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Grand Prize, "Peace is in Our Hands" by Amanda Mckenna of Sacramento, CAAfter months of jurying, judging and photographing we are ready to show you the inspiring work of this year’s “What about Peace?” contestants, as they think about what peace means in 2012.

Portraits of Grief in Afghanistan — What’s in a Name?

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images-1For the past two weeks as we’ve grappled with the horror of the massacre in the Kandahar province, I’ve been dismayed at the focus of the mainstream press. The press seems to be focusing almost entirely on the mind-set of Sgt Bales and the effect of the massacre on US/Afghan relations without much mention of the actual victims who were all Afghan citizens, including nine children.

“What about Peace?” Art Contest Winner Announced Soon!

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The jury contemplatesThe “What About Peace?” youth art contest deadline has passed and the thought provoking question has been answered by over 700 young people – using the medium of photography, painting, graphic, poetry, short story and essay. The answers came from all over the country – Virginia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Arizona, California and far off countries including the Philippines. The winner will be announced soon. Find out when.

“What About Peace” Youth Art Contest Deadline Coming Up, $2500 in Total Prizes!

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"Unity" 1st place painting winner by Christopher Minafo 15 years old, New YorkWhat About Peace? is an international arts contest for youth ages 14 – 20 to express ideas and thoughts about peace by responding to the question, “What About Peace?” through artistic expression, with $2500 in total prizes to be given out. Though the contest is in full swing and the deadline is closing in, there is still time to enter. Find out the deadline and details.

What About Peace Youth $1000 Art Contest and Eco-Awards Deadlines Fast Approaching!

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Priceless Peace by Bikram Singh, CaliforniaIt’s the beginning of a new year, the perfect time to contemplate peace and the environment. With 2012 in full swing, the deadlines for two youth-focused contests/awards are fast approaching. Here’s more about them, and how you can get involved:

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