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Scarlett Johansson’s Interest in Human Rights Goes Flat

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scarlett2The only time I yelled at the TV during the Super Bowl was when Scarlett Johannson appeared, talking about SodaStream. She shed her white lab coat and declared in a sexy voice –“I just love helping people”. I almost choked on my tortilla chips. The stated joke of the commercial was that she wanted to make the ad go viral, because she is committed to making the world a better place (through shilling for a product?), and for this noble aim she would employ the sultry voice, the shedding of clothes, whatever it takes.

The Boycott Sodastream Expands to Cannes

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Cannes Film Festival Sodastream ActionThe premier sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival pavilion is none other than Sodastream? Its pitch is “no cans at Cannes.” Sodastream sells itself as a progressive, green company that fits in well with the creative forward thinking crowd that will be gathering at the film festival. “No cans at Cannes’, they say. But SodaStream is not socially responsible. Here’s why.

The Story of the Sodastream Ad and the Superbowl: Right Action, Wrong Reason

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Sodastream-adBefore Super Bowl Sunday, buzz on the street was that the at-home carbonation product Sodastream super bowl ad was to be pulled from airing by CBS. Here’s why, and what ended up happening.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy SodaStream

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Black Friday Demonstrations against SodaStreamOne of the season’s most popular gift items this year is a do-it-yourself soda machine made by SodaStream which carbonates water at home. But don’t do it!

SodaStream: Not so cool, clear bubbly water

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SodaStream_factorySodaStream, an Israeli company producing a do-it-yourself, counter-top seltzer and soda maker, has been marketing its ware as a “green alternative” to soda cans and bottles. But buyer beware: SodaStream’s main production site is in Mishor Edomim, a settlement and industrial zone in the occupied West Bank, on confiscated Palestinian land. The company exploits Palestinian labor and sells it’s product with a “Made in Israel” label. 


Bed, Bath … and Settlements?!

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SodaStream_factoryThis Wednesday, March 30th, is Palestinian Land Day. Land Day commemorates the 1976 general strike of Palestinians within Israel against mass expropriation of their land by the state. Six unarmed protesters were killed on that day, but hundreds more have been killed since in demonstrations and protests against the on-going confiscations of Palestinian land. This Land Day, we are asking one chain store, Bed Bath and Beyond, to stop selling SodaStream, as well as Ahava and all other settlement products.