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GAP and Death Trap Factories

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Garment workers point toward the burning That's It Sportswear factory, a Gap supplier. 29 workers died in the factory fire on December 14, 2010, many falling to their deaths from the upper floors of the building because locked stairway doors barred their escape.  (c) Andrew Biraj / Reuters.Since 2006 more than 600 garment workers have died in sweatshop factory fires while sewing clothing for giant fashion companies, like GAP, H&M, JCPenney, and Abercrombie. Join Bangladeshi and international unions and labor groups that are calling on GAP to commit to a meaningful fire safety program that will protect the lives of the company’s sweatshop workers

Activist and Former Sweatshop Worker Chie Abad Speaks Out in San Francisco

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chieOn Tue May 31st Chie Abad will be speaking at the Not For Sale Academy Facility located at 301 Lyon Street in San Francisco, CA. Carmencita Chie Abad will speak from personal experience about hardships endured by millions of workers in sweatshops around the world. She spent 6 years as a garment worker on the […]