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Endless War and Empire: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Posted by in Featured, Stop Funding War, World News & Events on 18th April, 2011 | 1 Comment

military-spendingWhile our fiscal woes have led Congress to slash food aid this year to the world’s poor — rest assured, fellow Americans — the U.S. government will keep using your tax dollars to kill them. For while John Boehner and Barack Obama might disagree on some things, there’s one area they can agree on: War. And the need for more of it.

When It Comes to Political Cash, Some Firms Tell All (NPR)

Posted by in Elect Democracy, People Power, Not Corporate Power on 24th March, 2011 | No Comments

Proponents of transparency in the politics are winning disclosure battles one corporation at a time. The percentage of undisclosed money in the political system went up during last year’s midterm elections. That’s because of a dramatic increase in advertising by anonymously funded freelance organizations such as the American Action Fund and Citizens for Strength and […]